Properties Specified as perIS:303-1989 PLYWOODConforms
Adhesive used for Bonding as per IS 848:1974
Preservative treatment for plywood as per IS 5539:1990
Length of plywood(tolerance) +6 mm.
-0 mm.
Width of plywood (tolerance) as per IS 848:1974
Thickness (tolerance)
(1) Less than 6 mm.
(2) 6 mm.And above
+ 5%
Squareness 0.2%
Edge straightness 0.2%
Glue Sheer Strength of plywood Dry State -1350 N Min. Average
-1000 N Min. Individual
Mycological -1000 N Min. Average
- 800 N Min. Individual
Wet State -1000 N Min. Average
- 800 N Min. Individual

Commercial Grade Plywood

By using the selected species of Hard wood commercial grade plywood is free from the borrers and termites. It can be used for all interior purposes like furniture partitions,counters etc. Because of the management's commitment towards the development, implimentation and continual improvement of the quality of the products, Our brands are growing in the market share.

Commercial Grade:

  • ISI Branded Synthetic Resin Bonded.
  • Used only selected species of Hard wood .
  • Anti-warping.
  • Termite and fungus resistant.
  • Pressed at specific basic pressure of 11Kg,/cm2 For commercial grade at 100oC
  • Chemically treated.
  • Melamine Formaldehyde Resin.
  • Can withstand 10 hours of continuous boiling at 100oC.
  • Block Board Frames are dried in Seasoning Kiln therebyensuring uniform seasoning and accuracy in size.

Marine Grade Plywood

Marine Plywood is made out of highest quality hard wood . Its extremely rigid and can face anykind of wear and tear. It is dimensionally stable making it an ideal plywood for making high quality furniture, partitions etc.

  • Heavily extended with 5% Phenol Formaldehyde Resin used.
  • Density of species of wood used range from 500-600 Kgs.per cubic metre (Air dry weight).
  • Boiling water resistant of boiling at 100oC.
  • Treated with copper chromic preservatives.
  • Anti-wrap and fungus resistant.
  • Pressed at specific basic pressure of 14 Kg./Cm2 for Marine Grade.
  • Manufactured from the quality jungle wood.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Longitivity & Stability.
  • Manufactured under strict supervision.

Technical Specification

Product 100% Hardwood
Density 850 kgs/cbm
Average glue shear strength in Dry state 1150 n/mtr.
Average glue shear strength in wet state 900 n/mtr.
Bending strength parallel to face grain 700kg/
Bending strength per particular to face grain 400kg/
Screw holding strength Above 250 kgs.
Nail holding strength Above 70 kgs.
Moisture Contain 8%

Commercial And Marine Block Board


BLOCK BOARDS are available in both grades (exterior & interior COMMERCIAL AND MARINE). Battens are chemically treated and veneers are glue poisoned for powder proof. Battens are made out of 100% selected species of hardwood.The wood planks are thoroughly seasoned in our ultra modern seasoning kilter and then cut with great precision to obtain battens with unmatched uniform thickness.

Commercial And MarineFlush Door

These are ready -to-use doors with a sample-species hardwood core that is chemically treated and killen seasoned. Made out of high quality wood, Flush Doors are exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable - with unmatched finishing properties. The cross-bands are sourced and crafted from selected hardwood that is uniformly dried to the requisite moisture content.

Decorative Plywood

Made from natural veneers of Indian and imported variety, our plywood offers gradient surface and the products are anti-wrap and dimensionally stable. The chemical treatment against termites,fungus, borer and other micro- organisms ensures that our plywood remains for ever. Our plywoods are remarkably strong and extraordinarily durable. It is not surprising that our brands are the first choice for Interior Designers, Builders and carpenter.Available in Natural Teak, Italian Teak, .. such as, Ash, Olive Ash, walnut etc.

Chequered Plywood

We manufacture a multitude of chequered plywood that meets the specifications of the purposes it serves. Our team of workers to be great care in manufacturing our spectacular range of chequered plywood that is tested for quality of each level of its production. Our customers can avail our exotic range of chequered plywood that is available in different sizes.

Shuttering Plywood

Shuttering Grade Plywood is made out of select hard wood species and imported veneer of uniform quality. These veneers are dried and bonded with high quality phenol formaldehyde BWP grade resin, under controlled temperature & pressure. Plywood is finally treated with fixed type water soluble chemical preservation under vacuum pressure to ensure absolute protection against termite borer, fungus & other organism.


Concrete shuttering work, boxes for concrete columns, beams, slabs, wall, tanks, bridge, silos, mezzanine floors, truck and bus body building, kitchen cabinet, cooling towers and other exteriors.


  • Available as per 1S1 specifications.
  • Wide range: Plain coated & Film Faced.
  • Semi densified or hi-densified.
  • Proves to be very economical because it can be used repeatedly.
  • Lends a smooth surface to the concrete work and requires very little additional plastering.
  • Scores over steel sheet in extreme hot & cold climate.
Specific gravity 0.65 to 0.75
Nail Holding strength Above 100 kg.
Screw Holding Strength 250 kg.
Bending strength  
Along the grain 450 kg. F/Cm2
Across the grain 350 kg. F/Cm2
Tensile Strength  
Along the grain 450 kg. F/Cm2
Across the grain 280 kg. F/cm2
Moisture Content 8-10% z
Boiling water 72 Hr. at 100* C
Module of Elasticity 8000 N/mm2 approx